Seit dem Start von YLUMI im letzten Jahr ist so viel passiert. Wir haben unglaublich viel gelernt und jeder Tag bringt Neues. Als StartUp-Gründer hat man nahezu keinen normalen routinierten Arbeitsalltag, da es täglich andere Aufgaben und Anliegen zu bearbeiten gilt. Von Produkt-, Kampagnen-, Strategieentwicklungen bis hin zu PR-, Marketing- oder Vertriebsthemen ist eigentlich alles dabei. Der Austausch mit anderen Gründern ist dabei ganz wichtig, um Erfahrungen zu teilen und sich gegenseitig zu unterstützen. Vor einiger Zeit habe ich bei einem Besuch im Mindspace in Hamburg die Gründerin Laura kennengelernt. Laura hat mit ihrer Familie das wunderbare Programm „HealthcoachFx“ gegründet. Ein ganzheitliches Online-Programm, bei dem es um Hormonbalance, ausgewogene Ernährung und Stressreduzierung geht – Themen, die bei YLUMI natürlich auch eine wesentliche Rolle spielen.

Da YLUMI in Zukunft auch Teil des Healthcoach-Programms sein wird, haben wir ein kleines Interview geführt, um euch Laura und ihre Vision vorzustellen. Ausserdem dürfen wir heute zwei Freitickets im Wert von je 97 € für das wunderbare neue Programm Female Cycle Superpowers“ verlosen. Mehr Infos dazu findet ihr bei uns auf Instagram oder Facebook. Laura kommt aus Holland, deswegen ist das Interview auf Englisch.

Meet Laura van de Vorst, Founder of Healthcoachfx (https://www.healthcoachfx.com)

Hello lovely Laura. What Inspired you to start Healthcoachfx?

Every day millions of women are struggling with their energy, health, weight and relationships. After discovering that my autoimmune problems, adrenal burnout and heavy PMS were rooted in hormonal imbalances and stress, my jaw dropped and I set out to make online holistic nutrition coaching as personal and simple as possible and help women all over the world go from struggling to thriving within weeks. I’m really excited about my new video course Female Cycle Superpowers for example. which helps you match your foods, exercise and lifestyle to each of the 4 phases of your female cycle for pain-free periods, fabulous fertility & getting your body, energy and libido back. I’ve long dreamt of helping women tap into their female power no matter what day of the month. This 4-week video course with its workbooks, recipes and symptom tracker with instant food and lifestyle advice does exactly that.

What is your (professional & family-wise) background?

I had a happy childhood in the Netherlands, where my parents raised my brother and me in a free-spirited, open-minded, and independent kind of way. We were taught to question everything. I’ve always had this inner urge to create, say yes to everything and push myself to my limits.

By age 24 I’d lived in 5 countries and finished my Master degree at the Copenhagen Business school. But this go-getting attitude and pressure led to some nasty health problems in my early twenties, which I could only eventually tackle with functional and nutritional medicine, which I also started studying then. Around the same time, my dad was leading the biggest wellness centre in the Netherlands and my mom had years earlier started diving deeper into the science of nutrition, hormones and health, and getting all her degrees. One thing led to another, and upon graduation I found myself having co-founded healthcoachFX with the both of them – a true family business!

Do you have a (wellness-) mentor? Where do you get your inspirations from?

Oh good question, there are so many! I love Mark Hyman MD, Amy Myers MD, Christiane Northrup MD, Alissa Vitti HHC, Izabella Wentz PharmD, Chris Kresser, Alan Christiansen NMD as well as my teachers at Natura Foundation. In terms of running purpose-driven businesses, I really admire Marie Forleo, Jason Wachob (founder of MindBodyGreen) and Arianna Huffington.

Do you have daily routines? How do you start your mornings and how do you manage to relax & unwind?

Ideally, I start my morning with a meditation, oil pulling, warm lemon & ginger water and a yoga stretch or workout. But I’ve also learned to forgive myself if I can’t make the entire ritual. I love to unwind with things like an evening walk, nourishing meal (preferably with dear friends), a good book or documentary, and a bath with Epsom salts. I’ve actually started setting a ‘time-to-go-to-bed’ alarm, because sleep really is one of our most powerful wellbeing tools.

Must-Have health/wellbeing-products? 

Coconut oil (I use it for everything), a dry brush, a glass or steel water bottle, herbal teas and spices (I love experimenting in the kitchen), a blender or kitchen machine, a yoga mat, a good sports bra, healthcoachFX Personal Meal Plans, glass containers for meal prepping, guides meditations and of course Ylumi Purify & Coco Beauty Sparkles!

Do you have a favourite „healthy“ destination? 

It might sound cliché by now, but Bali is still my number one. I went last year.. and surrendering to its stunning nature, doing yoga every day, going surfing, volcano hiking, watching sunsets, eating a lot of plants, drinking coconut water and being surrounded by the most friendly people on earth, it is so nourishing for our body, mind and soul. The island breathes an aura of just being. I love it.

What are your aims for the future?

I want to keep combining tech and emerging nutrition science to create solutions that make health as simple, affordable and accessible as possible. I imagine a world in which we live in harmony with our planet, our energy resources are abundant because they are 100% renewable by then and we wake up to a meal nutritionally designed for you filled with goodness, with optimal nutrients to balance your bio-individual levels that particular day. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It might sound utopic, but we’re actually living in an era where developments like these could happen within our lifetime.

Thank you so much for this interview, Laura!

Mehr Informationen zum Healthcoach-Programm findet ihr hier.